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Enjoy Hot Scrumptious Momos With Authentic Himalayan Taste

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Our Story

Anagha wagh
Anagha Wagh

Looking for a much needed break from the recent pandemic, me along with my family decided to fly Ladakh –The Little Tibet to celebrate life!

While we were staying in the hotel, we were served Momos – the Nepali snack buster. Being a foodie, I was curious to relish few of them, but somehow it turned down into a tasteless food experience. I thought it’s a bland food.

After a couple of days, it happened so that I met my college friend Mahira at Leela International – who is from Nepal and Chef by profession. She emphasized on ordering ‘Momo’, for brunch and I was like ‘OK’, with an intuition of once again having to eat that tasteless food dish.

To my surprise, this time I had a 360-degree experience. These Momos were simply yummy and blended with perfect Indian spices & flavours. From that very moment, I changed the definition of momos in life. I had a word with Mahira on how about giving people the authentic and Himalayan taste of ‘Momos’.

That’s how an idea of ‘Q’ Momos came to birth on 25 May 2022, that gives people the authentic taste of Momos straight away from its origin – Nepal and Tibet.

Still there were lot of ifs & buts running through our minds such as pricing, authenticity, taste, health consciousness, etc. For this we asked our friends to drop in on couple of Sundays, check the flavours and give reviews of our Momos. After a lot of experiments – full of laughters and wonderful get-together memories, we came up with couple of ‘momo’ varieties.

Q Momo intends to offer Momos that are pocket-friendly, easily reachable and healthy for people.

From college goers to party animals, Q Momo is for all – Quality Food In Quick Time!


Ever taught, how Momos tastes like in Tibet or Nepal. Relax! Q Momo introduces you to the authentic and delicious Momos straight from the ‘Heart Of The Himalayas’. We’re enthusiastic spirits who believe in creating and making things better. We set out to create unique momo dishes. Bringing the fresh, and nutritious flavours of the Himalayas to all.

At Q Momo we use authentic recipes, the finest of ingredients, and cook Momo in the traditional way just like in Nepal that brings alive the flavours of. Our classic Tibetan & Nepal-style momos are served with our signature home-made fiery hot chutney and sauces. Our chefs prepare the curry bases in-house with the finest quality of spices and ingredients to deliver the lip-smacking taste of momos that you are sure to fall in love with.

Experience the spirit of Himalayan hospitality at Q Momo. We incorporate traditional design and making process – furnished in warm wood to give you the typical Asian food essence and feel.
Obsessed with Momos? You should try Q Momo. Take your love for Momos to the next level with us – we bet you can’t stop at just ONE!

Who we are

Meet Our Team

We power through intense strategies, support each other in crunch time and pool our collective brainpower to come up with innovative solutions.
Bhagwan Bodke
chefs Mahira BK qmomo
Mahira BK
Musu BK qmomo
Musu BK
Vikas Sutar
Vikas Sutar
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Anish Shelar
Vishal Pimpaldare
Vishal Pimpaldare
Sunil Verma

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