Cheese Corn Momos

Mouth-Drooling Corn Cheese Momos served with in-house spicy red chutney and fiery sauces. Enjoy the delicious taste with corns, spices, and fresh green herbs.


Cheese Corn steam Momo is a unique blend of delicious cheese and delectable corn that will create a riot of flavours in your mouth. These  momos are nicely wrapped and stuffed with the finest quality corns, spices, coriander, and herbs. This amazing low-calorie dish is a great source of Vitamin B. It is a yummy treat for all momo lovers out there! Q Momo spicy hot chutney & fiery sauces – with its zesty appeal will take your momo eating experience to the whole new level. Oh baby, it’s yummilicious!

cheese corn momos
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