Chicken Fried Momos

Fried Chicken momos are a treat for all the chicken lovers out there! Freshly minced chicken is deep-fried till its reddish-brown with authentic Himalayan spices & herbs. The protein-rich savoury meal is served with spicy chutneys or chili Garlic sauce. The aroma of Qmomo Chicken Momos is simply tantalizing. “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”


These are hot n fresh Momo dumplings with a crispy layer, filled with deliciously seasoned chicken along with onion, ginger-garlic paste, salt & pepper, and typical Asian spices & herbs. QMomo’s authentic Himalayan soya and chili sauces along with mayonnaise add a crowning touch. These ready-to-eat chicken fried momos are served with fiery chutneys or garlic sauces – with their zesty appeal it will take your momo-eating experience to the next level. Are you looking for lip-smacking chicken fried momos near me? Order here.

Classic Chicken Fried Momos
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