Corn Cheese Fried Momos

Corn cheese momos are a riot of flavours for your mouth. Stuffed with sweet corn and pan-fried with some ginger-garlic paste, green chillies along with black pepper powder; it’s a perfect appetizer for momo lovers. These deeply-fried cheese corn momos are best eaten with fiery hot Schezwan chutney.


Our Corn Cheese Fried Momos are stuffed with veggies along with authentic Asian spices and herbs, onions, red chilies, salt, and pepper. The sweet corn mixture is clubbed with grated cheese and stuffed in the dough – the best bet for calorie cutters! These mouth-drooling Corn Cheese Momos are served with garlic sauce or schezwan chutney – and with their zesty appeal, it will take your momo-eating experience to the next level. Are you looking for yummlicious cheese corn momos near me? Order here.

Cheese Corn Momos
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