Steamed Jain Momos

Jain momos are thinly wrapped and generously stuffed with awesome spices, herbs, and Aloo. The blend of tasty cheese and mayonnaise toppings will create a riot of flavours in your mouth. Jain foodies here’s a reason to party hard with our delicious Jain momos!


If you’re a true Momo lover, then it’s a yummy treat for you. Our Steamed Jain Momos are a unique blend of potatoes, and cabbage stuffed with the finest quality coriander, Asian spices, and herbs. This low-calorie dish is a great source of Vitamin B for Jain Foodies. QMomo red hot chutney – with its zesty appeal will take your momo eating experience to the next level. Are you Looking for delectable Jain momos in South Mumbai? Order here.

Jain Momos
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