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Chicken Momos For Chicken Lovers

Chicken Momos For All The Chicken Lovers!

Momo food is immensely popular on Indian streets, restaurants, and joints. These are soft and yummy food dumplings stuffed with fresh vegetables or minced chicken or meat. Momos are often served with spicy chilli sauce, special chutneys, and mayo dips that add a crowning touch to the taste. I hail

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Astonishing Story Of Momonation

The Astonishing Story Of Momonation

Momo a day keeps hunger away’ is the ideal way to define this Tibetan food delicacy. The aromas of the memory fog me up, the recollection of juicy bites takes me back to my childhood sensation as crystal clear as if it was the day before yesterday – hot jet

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Momo: The National Food Crush Of India

Momo: The National ‘Food’ Crush Of India

Nepal mein aya aur Momo nahi khaya, toh kya khaya? Yes! To visit Tibet or Nepal and return without eating these lip-smacking momo dumplings is like returning from Kashmir without enjoying the snowfall. And it’s simply annoying! You just can’t resist it and you shouldn’t; because if you do so,

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Six Trending Momos To Satisfy Your Hunger

Momos the lip-smacking little dumplings, also known as dim sums, are delightful and yummilicious snack busters. It’s the most popular Asian food and has made its way into the list of fantastic foods across the Asian continent. Why are people so obsessed with it? Simple it’s a quick appetizer, pocket-friendly,

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Looking For Craving Delicious Momos in Mumbai? Visit QMomo!

Mumbai’s love for momos is unbeatable! Steamed dough filled with delicious vegetables or chicken, and served with fiery hot chili chutney – need to say anything? Or you’ve started drooling over it? There’s something so yummy and happy on eating bite after bite of these pleasingly steamed dumplings. Who knew

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For The Love Of Momos – A Himalayan Delicacy

Steamed Dumplings or Momo food is one of the best oriental cuisines, known by different names in different countries – each having its own luscious version of it. In India, it’s known as ‘Momo’, a snack-buster brought by the Tibetan or Nepali migrants, and one that every Indian has embraced

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