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    Cheese Corn Momos

    Mouth-Drooling Corn Cheese Momos served with in-house spicy red chutney and fiery sauces. Enjoy the delicious taste with corns, spices, and fresh green herbs.

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  • Sale! Cheese Corn Momos

    Corn Cheese Fried Momos

    Corn cheese momos are a riot of flavours for your mouth. Stuffed with sweet corn and pan-fried with some ginger-garlic paste, green chillies along with black pepper powder; it’s a perfect appetizer for momo lovers. These deeply-fried cheese corn momos are best eaten with fiery hot Schezwan chutney.

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  • Sale! Fried Jain Momos

    Fried Jain Momos

    Hey Jain foodies, if you’ve cravings for momos out there; especially for fried Jain momos then don’t just hold back. These fried dumplings are supremely delicious and filled with the finest quality ingredients, Asian spices, and herbs. It’s the low-calorie and high-on energy snack buster for. So, what’s stopping you? Treat yourself & loved ones with this delicious Jain momos appetizer now!

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  • Sale! Fried Paneer Momos

    Fried Paneer Momos

    Paneer fry momos is a delectable yet healthy food recipe, stuffed with crunchy veggies, ginger paste, gentle soft paneer, onions, garlic, and green chillies. These crispy and deep-fried momo dumplings served with authentic Himalayan sauces and creamy mayo dip could be your savoury brunch. Paneer hai toh party to banti hai!

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  • Sale! Paneer Momos

    Paneer Steamed Momos

    It’s your first choice of starters and this time with a desi blend! Our Momos are wrapped with wheat dough and further stuffed with paneer being served with sizzling hot Nepali and Tibetan sauces!

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  • Sale! Jain Momos

    Steamed Jain Momos

    Jain momos are thinly wrapped and generously stuffed with awesome spices, herbs, and Aloo. The blend of tasty cheese and mayonnaise toppings will create a riot of flavours in your mouth. Jain foodies here’s a reason to party hard with our delicious Jain momos!

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  • Sale! Veg Fried Momos

    Veg Fried Momos

    Veg fried momos are yummy meals served with varied dipping sauces and mayo dips. These fried veg momos are stuffed with crunchy veggies along with onions and other ingredients that add a lip-smacking taste to them. You must give them a try when you’re in the mood to relish street-style food. It is a nutritional snack buster for you.

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  • Sale! Veg Momos

    Veg Steamed Momos

    Stuffed with finely chopped fresh veggies along with mixed Asian spices that finely balances the flavour and textures. Spices consist basil, cinnamon, coriander, cilantro, etc. that brings vibrant and intense flavours.

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