Six Trending Momos To Satisfy Your Hunger

Momos the lip-smacking little dumplings, also known as dim sums, are delightful and yummilicious snack busters. It’s the most popular Asian food and has made its way into the list of fantastic foods across the Asian continent. Why are people so obsessed with it? Simple it’s a quick appetizer, pocket-friendly, and easily available from five-star hotels to street hawkers or joints. Thus, we just have to find some quick and straightforward ways to stir up this lovely momo food recipe and binge on it. So, let’s check out some fabulous momos food varieties we’ve hunted down for you that will take you on this mini Asian dumpling tour!

Veg Momos

The thickly wrapped Momos are stuffed with paneer, vegetables, and soya chunks. If you’re obsessed with chicken, you can replace paneer with chicken. A plate full of steamy momos is the perfect comfort food during bone-chilling winter or rainy nights! Veg steamed momos are delicious-filled dumplings food originating from the Eastern part of India – Sikkim, Guwahati, Meghalaya, and more. You can fill them with various types of fillings you like & cook the most loved momos of all. They’re normally served with fiery chutney and clear soup or broth.

Veg Momos - QMomo

Tandoori Momos

Indian always love to experiment and no wonder they come up with typical Indianness in most of the dishes overseas. Even momos are not left out from the storm and the Indian version of momos has been quite famous and loved by almost everyone! How else could you prove the ‘Desi’ pan in you if you don’t eat momos by grilling them on tandooris. Yes! You heard it right. Tandoori momos are a kind of rage amongst the people. The rich flavour of these momos will tempt your taste buds.Tandoor momos - QMomo

Paneer Momos

Yes! You’re guessing it right! Paneer steam Momos are packed with cabbage, paneer, and cheese, and seasoned with Nepalese spices and east Asian sauces. They’re perfect for people who are paneer obsessed and simply die chewing or gulping them. It’s the first choice of starters and has a desi blend in it. These paneer momos are wrapped with wheat dough & stuffed with paneer served with hot and fiery sauces! Adding the paneer & cheese will make up Paneer momos super filling and satisfying for your hunger.Paneer Momos - QMomo

Fried Momos

Fried Crispy Momos are heartthrobs amongst the people in India. It gets its amazing texture from being filled with vegetables, and paneer, and then deep-fried until they turn golden brown. Dip them in mayonnaise, along with sauces and you will have a volcano of flavours bursting in your mouth!Fried Momos - QMomo

Chilli Momos

Chilli Momos are also known as ‘C Momo’ in Nepal. It’s a special recipe than other momos and its’ quite yummy and delicious. You can make these momos at home. The momo making recipes for chicken chilli momos or veg chilli momos are nearly the same. All you have to do is steam the chilli momo and use it.  If you’re up for something hot and spicy, Chilly momo will be the best treat for you – we’re sure you’re going to love it. You’ll be very impressed by the spicy and tangy taste.Chilli Momos - QMomo

Cheese Corn Momos

Cheese Corn Momo is a unique blend of delicious cheese & delectable corn that creates a riot of flavours in your mouth. These momos are nicely wrapped & stuffed with the finest quality corns, spices, coriander, and herbs. It’s a calorie cutter and a great source of Vitamin B. It is a yummy treat for all momo lovers out there! The spicy hot chutney & fiery sauces along with its zesty appeal will take your momo eating experience to the whole new exciting level. Best bet for yummmilicious appetizer.Cheese Momos - QMomo

On A Concluding Note –

Momos have become one of the popular street foods in India and they’re on the food affection list of many people. Thanks to the momo chains, and takeaways like QMomo and others that let people order this lovely food delicacy at their comfort – anytime, anywhere.  With ever-rising popularity, Momos have secured a sweet spot over other popular fast foods such as vada pav, bhajia, samosa, and even burgers. Till the time you find passionate momo lovers, such delicious, and drooling-over types of momos will continue to pop up in the markets. It will be hard for us to keep them on our plates because we will gulp them in our stomachs.