Chicken Momos For Chicken Lovers

Chicken Momos For All The Chicken Lovers!

Momo food is immensely popular on Indian streets, restaurants, and joints. These are soft and yummy food dumplings stuffed with fresh vegetables or minced chicken or meat. Momos are often served with spicy chilli sauce, special chutneys, and mayo dips that add a crowning touch to the taste. I hail from Guwahati and grew up eating a lot of momos, especially chicken momos. It’s very popular in Assam and other regions of North East India. Nowadays, you will find lip-smacking and steamy hot momos in pretty much every part of India; with their own unique touch. But authentic momos have their fan following and people are still crazy to relish them. No wonder, their quest for authentic momos will take them to every nook & corner of streets, cafes, restaurants, and momo joints.

Chicken Momos: The Speciality Of North East India!

If you’re from the Northeast region of India or grew up there, I believe you are already aware of momos: The Himalayan delicacy. You are probably so in love with this delicacy that you may decide to survive on it for the rest of your life. My father was in the army and so, I was born and brought up in Assam – one of the most beloved states of India. The place is known for its hilly forest regions and cool air with a sense of freshness in the atmosphere. The climate is always cold out there. The cloudy days instigate eating piping hot steamed chicken momos with special chutneys or sauces. They would serve broth – a plain soup that’s a perfect way to warm up.

Order Chicken Momos

I graduated from Mumbai University and eventually, got settled down in my dream city – Amchi Mumbai. It’s been ages since I last visited Guwahati. Every time I eat steamed hot or chicken fried momos, my mind goes back to the flashback – those tiny lanes and friends who would gather after school to eat a plate full of momos – hot n steamy and create the best moments of our friendship. The plain broth being served along with chicken momos was also so mouth-watering. I would slurp the soup along with delicious chicken momos. It’s amazing how food will transform your memories of the back old wonderful days. Never ever I would get tired of the famous Tibetan or Nepali treat. If ‘Vadapav is to Mumbaikar’, then ‘Momos is to Assames’. It’s still one of my favourite snack buster!

Chicken momos turned out not only spicy, hot n yummy but beautiful too. There are a number of ways in which chicken momos could be made. The version that my mother would make was steamed, apart from that there are fried momos or baked versions too.

For delicious chicken momos ready to eat, you can watch:

Sources: Yummy Nepali Kitchen

Now it’s completely your choice to, make any kind of dough you like. It need not be fancy or pretty looking but it should be yummy enough to fill your hungry tummy – that is all it matters!

How To Eat Chicken Momos?

Typically, we eat momos with spicy and tangy chilli sauce or schezwan chutney. But, you can come up with your own unique taste buds such as pouring hot garlic chili oil or using mayo dip to get an awesome momo taste. It will give a smacking taste. Else, you can drizzle some soup and create your own superb flavour! When my little fella took the first bite of Momos, from that very moment he turned into a dim sum fanatic just like me!

Chicken Momos are juicy food dumplings straight out of the Himalayans from Tibet and Nepal. The main ingredients in steamed or fried momo dumplings include – all-purpose flour, water, vegetables or chicken, onions, and garlic, and served with tomato or special in-house chutneys.  The momos aka dim sums come in different forms such as steamed momos, pan-fried or deep-fried momos, tandoori momos, and more.

How To Eat Chicken Momos

Just like chicken momos, every Indian zone, or rather a state has its own unique version of momos. You’ll find veg momos, paneer momos, cheese corn momos, tandoori momos, Jain momos, fish momos, chocolate momos, jhol momos, and more.

For Indians, it’s all about enjoying the Himalayan delicacy with their very own personalized and Indian touch to it!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

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