Momo: The National Food Crush Of India

Momo: The National ‘Food’ Crush Of India

Nepal mein aya aur Momo nahi khaya, toh kya khaya? Yes! To visit Tibet or Nepal and return without eating these lip-smacking momo dumplings is like returning from Kashmir without enjoying the snowfall. And it’s simply annoying!

You just can’t resist it and you shouldn’t; because if you do so, you will regret for not having these delicious bite-sized cuisines from the North-eastern Himalayan ranges. ‘Momo food’, is undisputedly one of the most popular dishes amongst Nepalese or Tibetan folks. It’s a dish that makes people jump with joy with its mere thought or cravings for food. Today Momo dumplings have successfully invaded India and spread across several streets, cafes, and even five-star hotels with a variety of recipes, hot fiery chutneys, and sauces. From Paneer momos to Fish momos, Chocolate momos, and Cheese corn momos; you will find several delightful momos recipes across India. No wonder! Momo has whitewashed Aloochat, Vadapav, Idli or Nimki and has become India’s national ‘Food’ crush.

QMomo making

Why Momo Is A National Crush?

Firstly, momo making is quite simple and exciting to practice. It is essentially a type of steamed bun. The dough is made by mixing flour and water together. The filling is made with a mixture of minced meat or chicken, fish, vegetables, corns, onions, coriander, and aromatic Asian herbs or spices. Put them together, steam or fry them, and yippee your Momo is ready!

Secondly, Momos are fairly experimental and easily available in every nook and corner of Indian streets. There are no fixed ingredients which means people from all over the globe can pick and mix stuff accordingly to the local products & create their own version of Momo. Newari merchants may have brought the recipe, and the name ‘Momo’ might have derived from Tibet, with yak meat & seasoning of the dish with local ingredients, but now there are a variety of Momos and dumplings which are adaptable to suit the taste buds of even the ones who are very choosy about their foods and taste.

Dough making and stuffing

Some of the most popular Momos dishes are: Steamed Momo, Kothey Momo: half steamed, Chilli Momos, Fried Momo Jhol Momo (Jhol meaning a thick soupy base, usually spicy), Open Momo (perfect to mix & match your chutney/sauce/ by filling in each open pocket, Buckwheat Momo, Paneer/Cheese Momos, Churrpi Momo, Jain Momos, Classic Chicken Momos, Green Momo (the dough is mixed with spinach). etc.

Types of Momos

Well! The choice is limitless; therefore, if you ever get a chance for momo making at home, feel free to customize & create your own unique momo food recipe. If you want to add eggs to the mixture add them! Tender coconut with chili flakes, add it! The world of Momo is Marvellous and won’t feel bad about it. It loves to embrace the taste and spread it across states, countries, and continents. But too much experimenting can play a spoilsport, right? Especially, if you’re a newbie in the cooking business. So be careful. Nevertheless, the appeal of Momo is more than just its taste. For many people, especially Nepalese and Tibetan who have grown up alongside the cuisine, for them Momo is a food practice, memory and legacy passed on from one gen to the next-gen. It’s like a staple for them and they love their own perfect version.

The third and the best reason for Momo being a national food crush is, its instant availability in every nook and corner of the streets. Wander through the streets of India and you will find little cafés, restaurants, or even five-star hotels selling Momo food. Go for birthday parties, get-togethers, or bachelor parties and you will surely find Momo on the menu list, in fact, the trend is to keep frozen Momo in your fridges. Momo in India especially in the North-eastern part has become a routine like taking a bath or brushing your teeth. Ordering Momo at a cafe or a restaurant is like regular practice; a food ordered by your instinct and not after brainstorming or deep thinking! Momo making is also a family & friendship affair; because the process is very simple. It is common for families and friendship groups to come together and spend a couple of hours catching up and rejoicing the moments whilst making & relishing this delicious cuisine – MOMO.

Lastly, Momos can be all season, comfort food or the ‘life’ of any party; It’s the best food – be it rainy or winter season; when the sun is out; when you’re feeling low; when your stomach needs a quick appetizer to suffice hunger or you look for starters during the pool parties or celebrations. Momos are meant for every occasion, season, and moment of life. This is one great element that makes Momo so popular and our explanation of why Momo is now the national ‘food’ crush in India.

Momo is not just food you eat; it’s a feeling, it’s a moment; it’s a celebration with your friends or family that you’ll cherish throughout your life. All that conversations and laughter riots make up for an exquisite Momo experience. Momo has become the soul food of the nation. And, when you create good memories, you will surely want to replicate them and re-live them again & again – individually or with a caravan of friends. It doesn’t matter whether you live to eat or eat to live, Momo Dumplings are for all.

Momo Dumplings are for all.

Visit Momo joints nearby or order online and explore the hidden food treasure of Nepal or Tibetan, with a tinch of Indian spices and flavours – Momo!

Looking For Craving Delicious Momos in Mumbai? Visit QMomo!

Mumbai’s love for momos is unbeatable! Steamed dough filled with delicious vegetables or chicken, and served with fiery hot chili chutney – need to say anything? Or you’ve started drooling over it? There’s something so yummy and happy on eating bite after bite of these pleasingly steamed dumplings. Who knew that this modest Tibetan dish will one day be the most influential snack buster in India and has quickly gained popularity amongst the people of Amchi Mumbai? Even though momos have made their way to the menus of various five-star hotels across Mumbai, but there is something truly fascinating about the street-style joints or carts serving them. If you’re planning to head to the streets in Mumbai; especially in South Mumbai for some drool-worthy momos at pocket-friendly prices, we will give a special recommendation. So without any interruption in your curiosity, let’s dive into the world of tasty momos.

QMomo – Your Ultimate Place For Lip-smacking Momos In Mumbai

If you’re looking for awesomely tasty momos in Mumbai, your hunt will get over at QMomo. Yes! Although these are Momo joints on wheels, but when you visit there, you will be mesmerized by the taste, the aroma, and the friendly approach. You’ll remember this joint as the place where everyone feels welcome – and delicious food is just another way to do that! Our menu boasts Momos that are delicious and affordable. At present, we’ve started our journey from south-central Mumbai, especially in areas such as Currey Road and Chinchpokli; and slowly we are spanning across other regions in Mumbai.

So get, set and go relish some of the best Momos in Mumbai at QMomo.

Our Menu Of Delicious Momos In Mumbai

QMomo offers a range of momos that will not only satisfy your hunger but even create more cravings for them.

Here are 10 types of delicious Momos for you:

Steamed Momos

  • Paneer Momos

    These are dumplings with a big burst of flavours being served with fiery hot chutneys or sauces. It works as a great appetize, or snack buster.Priced: Full – ₹90 and Half – ₹50
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  • Cheese Corn Momos

    It’s a delicious food dumpling filled with cheese and sweet corn sautéed with some amount of ginger, garlic and green chillies along with chilli flakes & black pepper powder. Cheese Corn Momos are must meals during bone chilling winters or typical rainy day with a spicy cheesy dip.

    Priced: Full – ₹100 and Half – ₹60
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  • Veg Momos

    Stuffed with finely chopped fresh veggies along with mixed Asian spices that finely balances the flavour and textures. Spices consist basil, cinnamon, coriander, cilantro, etc. that brings vibrant and intense flavours.Priced: Full – ₹80 and Half – ₹50
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  • Jain Momos

    Life without onions, garlic and potatoes seems a bit boring; however, we bet our specially crafted momos for Jain foodie’s will make it super fun and yummlicious to eat.Priced: Full – ₹100 and Half – ₹60

  • Classic Chicken Momos

    Chicken Momos are perfect mood setters anytime, anywhere. Our chicken momos are delicious food dumplings filled with juicy minced chicken along with soy sauce, chillies or pepper inside the flour dough and steamed. Relish it!
    Priced: Full – ₹100 and Half – ₹60

Fried Momos

  • Paneer Momos

    Stuffed with green veggies & protein-rich paneer, our fried paneer momos are delectable yet healthy recipe for momo lovers. These crispy paneers are served with hot chutney and creamy mayo dip. Keep Calm & Munch ON!Priced: Full – ₹110 and Half – ₹60

  • Cheese Corn Momos

    A filling of healthy coriander and sweet corn clubbed with melted cheese is deeply-fried; making these fried cheese corn momos mouth-wateringly good. Best bet for calorie cutters!Priced: Full – ₹120 and Half – ₹70

    • Jain Momos

    These are mouth-watering ready to eat Momos with no garlic, onions or potatoes for Jain foodies. And there’s a catch – it’s not steamed but fried. So, fry them out! Priced: Full – ₹120 and Half – ₹70

    • Veg Momos

      Our Fried Veg momos are delicious and crispy deeply-fried dumplings made of plain flour. It’s being stuffed with finely chopped fresh veggies along with mixed Asian spices that finely balances the flavour and textures.Priced: Full – ₹100 and Half – ₹60

    • Classic Chicken Momos

      Freshly minced chicken sauted with ginger-garlic paste is deeply-fried for a minute or two. The aroma is simply mesmerising and mouth-watering. This protein-dense meal is served with Chilli Garlic sauce or fiery hot schezwan chutney for you.Priced: Full – ₹120 and Half – ₹70


At QMomo, we intend to offer bite-sized packets of joy filled with fresh corn, veggies or chicken pieces along with chillie garlic sauce or fiery hot schezwan & tomato chutneys. You can enjoy the mouth-watering Momos by visiting our joints or at homes, offices & events. It could be any occasion such as get-togethers, send offs, birthday parties, bachelor’s night to order these drool-worthy momos. The colours, aromas, flavours, and spices are always at their best when they get served on your plate. Along with the beverages or desserts, it’s a perfect recipe for a quick appetizer – be it after brainstormed office meetings, midnight hunger pangs, or a must brunch meal after long tiring lectures in colleges or schools. QMomo momos will be the perfect moodsetters for you!

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QMomo – Your Go-To Place For Tasty Momos

If you want to get really good at momo making, you will have to start with the right set of ingredients – the spices, the sauces, flavours, and more. At QMomo, we believe in offering authentic Himalayan taste to our beloved customers. The best way to begin your momo making journey is by picking up fresh ingredients. We use a special medley of spices from various northeast regions that bring out the natural flavours and aromas in our momos and enhance the taste. We know how important it is to keep things simple yet delectable momo; no matter what kind of momo you desire, we always have something for our audience.

From Paneer momos to chicken momos and Jain momos for Jain foodies, we offer mouth-watering momos for every occasion at QMomo. Soon we’re planning to come up with other momos recipes such as tandoori momos, fish momos, Mozerella Cheese, Green Veg Momo, etc. The only thing that should matter to you is to pick your favourite savoury brunch.

So, are you Mad over Momos? Just google QMomo, order online, and enjoy the scrumptious meal with your friends or family now! We hope you enjoy our food; the fun atmosphere; and make QMomo your favourite pick spot to enjoy the best momos in Mumbai.