Astonishing Story Of Momonation

The Astonishing Story Of Momonation

Momo a day keeps hunger away’ is the ideal way to define this Tibetan food delicacy. The aromas of the memory fog me up, the recollection of juicy bites takes me back to my childhood sensation as crystal clear as if it was the day before yesterday – hot jet steam escaping momos with every relish bite; filled with aroma and spiced flavours of the Tibetan Kitchen. The momo food dumplings were probably smuggled out of Tibet by Newaris – the craftsmen & traders. This Nepali community whose members were working in and trading with Lhasa for a lot of centuries – replaced the yak fillings with buffaloes meat and more, adding local spices to it – introduced to the Kathmandu valley.

Where it became a rage and got the name momo–cha, there are also other versions of Momo in Nepal wherein the food lovers include large amounts of fat in filling that not everyone can stomach.But as it got migrated to India, the chefs brought in their own unique and delectable variety of momos such as: veg momos, cheese corn momos, paneer momos, tandoori momos, chicken/cheese chilli momos, and more.

I’m In Love With The Shape Of You…

The most important aspect of momo making, as any pro in it, will let you know is – its’ not the task of creating fillings, which could be easily gathered from cookery shows and books. It’s about getting the shape right. No wonder ‘I’m in love with the shape of you is the perfect melody that can represent these bite-sized food delicacies. It takes years of practice and persistence. A little too thick or too pinched and the results could be saddening. Momos come in various shapes.

The standard shape is known as ‘Shay-mo Dawa- Tsekyi’, – moon-tip-center for momos shaped like the crescent moon. Other popular versions include the momo folded into the shape of a ball, then there are momos where the tips of the crescent-shaped momo are made to stick to one another.

In some momo dumplings, the pleats of the momo are folded atop – one another, and known as ‘tsi-tsi momo’, as known as mouse momos due to its appearance.

How To Make Momos

For Tibetans or Nepalis, momo is not a snack, it’s a celebration. The entire family or friends will come together for a reunion to practice or prepare momos. In this exile Tibetan life, it can be a great way to come up and meet for a momo party; Tibetan people from different parts of the world, sit together and mould momos to enjoy life and take an enthralling experience from – momo making to making friends for a lifetime.

When there was a momo evolution a couple of years ago, it wasn’t just Nepali or Tibetans who were prepared for it. Locals from Darjeeling, and its nearby regions, like Sikkim, Guwahati, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Asansol, etc. who were driven by unemployment in their home regions, fed and drove the momo food growth.

Momo Food Meme

Momos have evolved with time. In India, the stuffings in this food dumplings has transformed from yak & beef to sautéed chicken, and even green vegetable items like cabbages, corn, cheese, etc. It has now got its own version of tandoori momos or chilli momos, pan-friend momos, and more. But as it moves deeper into India, it takes new forms that are unthinkable to simply tantalizing in taste. People use potatoes, mushrooms, corns, and even chocolates. Prepare fillings like minced chicken in Schezwan Sauce. They bake it and cook it in tandooris.

Every state or city has come up with its own unique versions of momos like Kothe momos, Chocolate Momos, Cheese Momos, Paneer Momos, Chicken Momos, Jhol Momos, Fish Momos, etc. Clubbed with authentic herbs and spices, sauces straight from the heart of the Himalayas make momos a perfect recipe to satisfy your Hunger pangs. It’s yummilicious!

Momo dumplings are gaining love and affection worldwide. There are events that team up with momo trucks or joints to give consumers an exuberant eating experience of this snack buster or rather you can say savoury brunch food. No wonder Qmomo offers bite-sized momos in their most authentic form, served steamy hot n fresh on your plates.

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What Are Momos For People?

Momos are not just food but an emotion for people. For street revellers, it’s a pocket-friendly snack, for workaholics or lost n stolen in love it’s a moodsetter. For riches, it’s a savoury brunch; for health freaks, it’s a nutritious diet and calorie cutters. Each one has its own unique feeling for momos. Its form and meaning will likely change even further more. Every time you take a bite of momo, you’ll be taken back by your mesmerizing memory – a home, a friend’s birthday party, or a vacation. It might be – gulping hot steamy momos in bone-chilling winters or acting as a quick appetizer right before hitting the gym. Late nights parties with friends or family or moodsetters when you’re feeling low on life.

For youngsters, college-goers, working professionals, or party revellers it’s a great experience to visit food courts, joints, and cafes to enjoy these luscious and tasty momos. With the hope, that it will someday become their regular household food dish. Till then, visit Qmomo momo joints in Mumbai or order online and relish authentic momos – straight from the heart of the Himalayas!

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